I love weddings. In the summers as a kid, I lived for 12pm every weekday when “A Wedding Story” would come on TLC. You know, the original “Say Yes to the Dress.” I was even a bride for Halloween when I was 4. No joke. Fast forward 25 years, and no, I’m not a professional bride (although some may say a professional bridesmaid, but that’s a story for another day), but in marketing and public relations where I’ve had my fair share of designing marketing products, CD packaging, websites, you name it. Mixing my love for brand consistency with fairy-tale weddings (and all the other events that go into nuptials – showers, bachelorettes, even bridesmaid proposals), I started Amy Gravesande Design.

With weddings, eventually come babies. With life, come things to celebrate. I love creating beautiful things for beautiful people to share with their beautiful people, and so on.

Now I know what you’re thinking. why doesn’t she have any pricing listed here!? Every soiree, shower, wedding is different, so pricing out the invitation will be different. Printing company, paper quality, timeline, envelope type, rounded corners (I LOVE rounded corners!), etc. can all be factors in pricing. That said, I am a bargain hunter and look for the best deals when it comes to printing, sending, purchasing art/images, and all that goes into your perfect announcement. From printed products to evites, I can work with almost any vision and budget.

Feel free to contact me and let’s discuss your celebration and budget.